How I Can Serve

Profits Generating Professional Partner (PGPP)


As Your PGPP, I serve locally-centric, static location businesses and social good (non-profit organizations) to Collaborate and Produce Purposeful Profits, that in turn enhance the communities where they Live. Love. and Serve.

Intrapreneurship Advocate & Consultant


In this role, I utilize my Profits Generating Ideas to help companies create more Purposeful Profits by tapping their BEST Assets: their People. Employment is a 2-way street. In exchange for One's skills & executing certain tasks well, they are rewarded with a paycheck - and perhaps more. Corporations who actively solicit and embrace, not only the hands of their people, but their minds and hearts too, KNOW the Secret Sauce for the Ultimate Formula of Success. 

Companies, both large and small, should partner with their people for overall success and PROFIT TOGETHER!

Expert Author Partner


Every Expert, Professional and Authority should be an Author. Writing a book is SMART. It saves time, while simultaneously establishes One as a "Go-To Expert" in their industry. 

If you share the same overall information with clients, it is wise to share it ONCE in your book. Being a Published Author Actively Invites Pursuit of your Expertise. Authorship Immediately Increases One's Value .